Strive Leadership Summit

A one of a kind Fitness Conference coming North of Toronto and featuring some of the most influential presenters from across North America. 

Gain valuable CEC's, network with others in your field and assert yourself at the top of the fitness industry.


  • 9:00- 10:00AM | Morning Keynote Presentation with Sharon Mann

    10:00am-1:00PM | Morning Breakout Sessions

    1. LeHIIT Workshop with Sharon Mann

    LeHIIT™ combines High Intensity Interval Training using multiple methods of proven-effective, interval training to create a fun and challenging fitness format.

    2. Trigger Point Workshop with Kennedy Lodato

    This advanced approach is focused on creating the myofascial relationships necessary to optimize movement, preventing injury and prepping the body to perform at its best.

    1:00-2:00PM | Lunch Break

    2:00-3:00PM | Afternoon Keynote Presentation with Stephanie Joanne

    3:00-5:30PM | Afternoon Breakout Sessions

    1. Yoga Flow Workshop

    Experience and explore the benefits of Vinyasa Yoga. Cultivate equanimity, while developing fluidity of movement synchronized with breath. 

    2. COREFX Functional & Agility Training Workshop

    Evaluate your strengths, weaknesses and limits as you improve your skills in the areas of balance, agility, core, metabolic conditioning, speed and power. You’ll use measurable challenges to test proficiency and unique drills to improve athletic ability in each area of fitness.

    3. Stages Cycling Workshop

    Complete your Stages studio experience by training your instructors at Stages Cycling workshop. Their unique, interactive workshop ensure that instructors not only receive the finest education, but they also have resources right at their fingertips for continuous learning.

    4. LTS Bodyweight Foundations Workshop

    This signature LTS course is a jumping off point, covering all aspects of the Lebert Fitness world renowned Lebert EQualizer® and the extremely versatile Lebert Buddy System®. In the workshop, you will learn how to properly use these tools, progressions/regressions, teach backs and more! Your classes, PT sessions and Bootcamps won’t know what hit them!


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Internationally renowned fitness expert and presenter. She was awarded “Canadian Fitness Presenter of the Year” in 2001. Her DVD titled “The Works With Sharon Mann” had the prestige of being the US home shopping channel’s number one selling Workout DVD.

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A fitness educator and advocate for 25 years. Currently a PRO TRAINER, teaching the Personal Trainer Specialist Certification course for canfitpro. Kennedy is also, a Master Trainer for COREFX, Trigger Point Performance Therapy, and a ViPR Global Master Trainer.

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A Master Trainer for Lebert Training Systems, Patrick’s high energy, charisma, and willingness to share information will keep you interested, involved, and having fun! 

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Inspires and motivates people to reach their ultimate human potentials by teaching them the foundation of purposefully creating personal brands, businesses and lifestyles that thrive.

*Please make sure that once you have registered below, that you open your email to receive the link to choose your breakout sessions for the summit. Some workshops have a capacity limit and are on a first come first serve basis. Your registration is not fully completed until you pick your sessions!  

For more information please contact [email protected] 


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Early Bird Registration Schwartz/Reisman Centre
Date: April 14, 2018
Time: 9:00AM
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