Shalom Uganda: Exhibition of a Jewish Community on the Equator

We welcome you to visit and learn from the exhibition "Shalom Uganda: Glipses of a Jewish Community on the Equator," presented at the Schwartz Reisman Centre from May 12th to June 1st, 2022.


In honour of the exhibition, we will host a public reception on May 12th at 7 pm. 

Please RSVP for the reception below. 


About the Exhibition

In 2020, Janice Masur published "Shalom Uganda: A Jewish Community on the Equator," an autobiographical research study on the Ashkenazi Jewish community living in Kampala, Uganda, from 1949 to 1961. The exhibition introduces this unique history and parallels other more well-known stories of Jews in the diaspora.

*Free Parking on site